My Mind Really Matters - A Teenage Journal

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Specifically designed to help children from 13+ embrace their daily challenges with greater confidence and self esteem. 

Journaling is a great tool that can help teenagers: 

• Set personal goals

• Boost their self confidence

• Discover the power of a more positive mind-set. A positive mind-set is a happier and more resilient child. 

• Understand they are in control of their own personal happiness 

• Learn that mistakes happen and are merely minor setbacks before success 

• Embrace everyday life challenges with greater confidence, self-belief and greater self-worth. 

This journal is undated so it can be started at any time with 52 daily / weekly check ins and notes sections.

With guided prompts throughout and topics should as Anxiety, Resilience, Bullying, Self Care and much more covered, this journal will give teenagers the language and skills to discuss and manage these areas of their life. 

This journal gives honest, real life explanations and helps teenagers to re-frame their thoughts and experiences to cope better with daily life challenges.