About My Mind Really Matters

My Mind Really Matters was founded by Early Year's Educator Lisa Kennedy and mum of two boys aged 14 & 12.

As an early years educator, her background in child development and mindfulness enabled her to create these products with the aim of improving the mindsets of our young people and to help them embrace life's daily challenges. 

It is no secret that our young people are growing up more stressed and mental health issues are on the rise. When Lisa couldn't find suitable products available, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her own children, the hundreds of children Lisa works with and their families have been instrumental towards her creative and inspirational journey to ensuring the content in these products meets the complex needs of all young people.  

"Thank You for your interest in My Mind Really Matters. I hope you love these products and more importantly, I hope they give your children the foundations towards a happy, positive and well balanced life".

Lisa Kennedy, Founder, My Mind Really Matters.